S.O.H’s Second Class Superlatives

The Sleepy Hilljack


The 1st, but positively not the last time Sleepy Hilljack will appear.  Here’s what he slept through in 2012.

Beach House – Bloom

I don’t care if you liked this album, HE’S MY DAD. Also, I didn’t.  It was fucking boring.

(<3 Teen Dream though)

The xx – Coexist

This one made Hilljack extra sleepy.  He made it about 30 seconds into “Angels.” That said, we all need more Jamie XX in our lives.

The Unexpected Antipathy Award

Twin Shadow – Confess

Godamn if I didn’t love every note on “Forget” too.  I tip my cap for attempting something different, but I didn’t know progression would feel like a molesting from Adam Ant.  The faux-moodiness is seriously amusing though, and it shines brightest on the single “Five Seconds.”  Props for being hilariously unlistenable, I guess.

The Animal Collective “I don’t  know if I can even pretend to like this” award.

Look at that fucking atrocious cover art

Purity Ring – Shrines

So let me get this straight, Dub Step meets Dream Pop? Aka injecting HGH into a dead horse.

The Paul Rudd Award: Artist who made me think “I’m tired of your shit” most in 2012. 

fun. – Some Nights

A good first impression is essential to being awarded the Paul Rudd. In this case, I really liked the cover art, so I gave it a spin.  Whoops.   I didn’t realize fun. was THAT band.  The YOLO generation took that stupid single and ran with it, to nobody’s benefit.

Favorite Album Cover


Diiv – Oshin

The music on it was pretty good too.  “How Long Have You Known?” is the runaway winner for best song title of the year while we’re talking about it.

Shit in 2012 I Flat Out Didn’t Listen To, Therefore Discrediting My Entire Opinion

Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel…

Death Grips – The Money Store

Chromatics – Kill For Love

Grimes – Visions

Taylor Swift – Red


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