The Inaugural Post: A Year In Review

At the dawn of 2013, a new pop culture blog has emerged.  Son of Hilljack, meet world.

Son of Hilljack is :

Matthew Bailey, Los Angeles, Producer abroad  @SonOfHilljack

Adam Lukach, Chicago, resident hip-hop expert  @lucheezy

Natty Morrison, West Lafayette,IN, A perspective from the basement  @NattyMorrison

Ryan Wells, Chesterton, IN, Pop culture extraordinaire  @RMW221

Drew Greaves, Chicago, Accounting  @BlackJFK

….for the moment.  This is free space, and if at any point in the future you’d like to contribute, just ask. Additionally, if you’re a musician, organization, fraternity affiliated intramural flag football team etc. and you think this space might be well suited for you, contact us on twitter or at

We’ll kick things off with a wholy unprofessional, highly subjective series of lists aimed at assessing music in 2012.  Rankings are arbitrary, people, so rest assured we (read: I ) like most everything mentioned below.  Leave comments though. That could be fun.

Without further ado, 2012.


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