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Cool Songs : July

Another one in the books, and a particularly eventful one due to my reinstated unemployment.  Everybody wins when Matt doesn’t need to put on pants until he starts getting paranoid about life still existing outside his front door and ventures to the coffee shop (To get attacked by a fucking dog).

A recap of the month that was here at SOH:
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The Best Original SyFy Movies
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The 10 Silent Film Actors You See At, Like, Every Summer Music Festival

What’s even stranger than our recent bout of productivity is the fact people are actually reading this shit.  Some of you guys even repost these links on Facebook and Twitter and, on behalf of all of us, that is the coolest favor ever.  Thank You.

Best Thing That Happened in July

– BFF’s of this blog Jurassic Pop put out the cassette release of Mac DeMarco from Russian Recording in Bloomington, IN, and it very much blew up.  They were on Pitchfork and Spin and a bunch of other reputable domains.  If you’re not familiar with their catalog, I recommend listening to every single fucking release.  I’m not kidding you, they’re all incredible.

Prediction For Best Thing That Happens In August

– Breaking Bad.  It’s going to be an intense 7 weeks.

Diana – Perpetual Surrender (Four Tet Remix)
La Luz – Brainwash
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib feat. Karriem Riggins – City
Billie Holiday – My Man (Toro y Moi Remix)
Summer Camp – Fresh
Jacques Greene – Faithful
London Grammar – Strong
Friends – The Way
Mac DeMarco – Young Blood
Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo – Join Me On My Avalanche
Guy Andrews – 7AM
Local Natives – You & I (Local Natives Remix)
Spirit Animal – Forever Ago
BOY/FRIEND – Leather Weather (Brenmar Remix)
College – Un Long Sommeil

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Justin Timberlake : “Suit & Tie” Four Tet Remix

Kieran Hebden is spoiling listeners in 2013.  He’s dropped remixes, singles, and tapes from the archives, and it’s all explored vastly different creative territories.  Some of it has stuck with me (0181, “Straight & Arrow” Remix) and some of it hasn’t. (“The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About and That Joy Used in His RA Mix and Daphni Played on Boiler Room.”)

File this one under instant classic.

Throw the Buble-esque sentiment out the window.  This is thumping club music from the first moment.  Hebden leaves the verses+chorus in place for the first half of the song, dropping in new percussive elements along the way.  Just after the 2 minute mark is when this truly kicks off, though.  The chopped up vocal stems are woven into a beautiful mess until it finally drops to straight percussive entanglement. Simple, and masterful.

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Stream: Four Tet: “0181”

U.K. IDM titan Four Tet dropped a new (old) 38 minute mix tonight that compiles a number of tracks from 1997-2001.  If you enjoy the glitchy electronic jazz and folk approach that made “Pause” and “Rounds” so engulfing, this reflects that era beautifully.  Additionally, if you’re in search of a great study soundtrack, Kieran Hebden’s got just what you’re looking for.