Arrested Development Season 4 Preview

Exactly one week from now I will wake up feeling anew.  I’ll step outside and inhale that fresh L.A. smog, knowing that I’ve got a full day ahead of myself.  While I wallow most Sundays away in lethargy, this day of rest will be spent much differently.  Roughly 7 years ago, Fox aired the clusterfuck that was the final 2 hours of Arrested Development’s life.  I’ve spent the last 6 of those years waiting for Sunday (So I was a little late, big deal.  Six is still more than three, right?)  The acclaimed series is back for a victory lap, and I won’t leave the comfort of my living room until this chapter has closed.

That said, a whole lot has happened since then.  For one, I’ve watched the series about 17 times, and I’d be lying if I said my passion for more hasn’t diluted slightly.  Considering the way it ended — like a crumbling jenga erection built on a blitzkrieg of references — I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to remember and what’s insignificant from this point forward.  Perhaps my biggest mental obstacle will be the fact that the Bluthes aged like everybody else on the planet.  Outside of Maebey — who as an adolescent actress went through a roller coaster of physical changes over the course of the original airing — it’s going to be tough to digest a cast full of characters that look only slightly like what I’m familiar with.  This must’ve been what it was like to watch Scandal Makers.

Stil, the infamous episode known as “Development Arrested” left some inroads to a plot continuation, and there’s plenty of potential left.  If I’m remembering correctly (I can’t possibly watch it another time), Maeby’s getting her job back (affording an unlimited amount of cameos possible), Lindsay isn’t Michael’s sister, George Sr. is back on the run and Lucille is going to jail.  Wow, that’s some seriously excellent foresight Mitch Hurwitz.  That would have been plenty of ammo to satisfy a fifteen episode appetite, but the newly minted trailer introduces an entirely new series of questions.


Alright, so what the fuck was that?  I’m equal parts excited and puzzled.  First things first, everybody looks great.  Michael brought back that one hairstyle.  Lindsay is apparently bringing two.  George Michael and Maeby don’t look like versions of themselves that might have emerged from Mommy, What Will I Look Like?  I think I might have even laughed once or twice.  I was definitely smiling.  Next time I’ll be sure to capture my reaction on webcam when Twin Peaks comes back in a few years.  On the other hand, there were some truly lame jokes, like whatever that Gob/cherry scene was and “Oh Lindsay, we’ve got to get you to that acting class.”  Also, am I the only one concerned that Buster is suddenly full-on mentally handicapped?  All he did in the trailer was make noises.  Maybe I’m looking too much into it.

But to continue that trend, there’s plenty in that trailer to suggest this season will have the typical abundance of plot nooks and crannies.  Michael’s in Phoenix, where it’s apparently really hot.  George Michael is at UC Irvine, and Maebe is his roommate?  Kitty is threatening people, Gob is doing magic shows as Jesus with Pastor Veal on stage, and there’s birds everywhere — but not a chicken dance in sight.  I honestly have no idea what to make of any of it.  Throw in the confirmed cameos with the hopefuls (Steve Holt, Barry Zuckercorn, Wayne Jarvis, Gene Parmesan, Ice, Lucille 2), and this comeback is going to be a seriously tall task.

But next Sunday, I extend a Lennon-esque invite to stock up on your non-perishables, shut off your phone, sit on your lazy ass and monopolize some bandwidth with me.  If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that Mitch Hurwitz is one of the funniest dudes on this planet.  Season 4 is going to be incredible, and this time everybody is on board together.

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