Cool Songs : March

Happy Easter kids.  Mine began with an egg hunt.  I won’t get into details, but I don’t think there will ever be a moment in my life where that isn’t fun.  I have to say, March was really great.  I saw one brilliant movie (Spring Breakers) and heard more than a few great albums.

Things to look forward to in April : James Blake album, “Blue Ocean Floor” remixes, a new music video from Lafayette, Indiana favorite Broken Light.  

Things I was listening to not necessarily from March, which might be re-titled the “Call Your Girlfriend” award : GUCCI MANE.  Particularly Trap God.  Admittedly, I couldn’t pick Gucci’s flow out of a lineup 72 hours ago, but it is instantly one of my favorites thanks to Harmony Korine and Spring Breakers.

A complete list of our picks + a little commentary from Wells and Natty as well.  Unfortunately, not everything could be tracked down on Soundcloud.

earl – whoa

active child – evening ceremony

strokes- call it fate call it karma

mount kimbie – made to stray

minor characters – heal me healing times

paul white ft danny brown – street lights

wall – shoestring

vampire weekend – diane young

rustie – triadzz

james blake – voyeur (album cut)


Blue Hawaii – Try To Be

Boat – Inside An Aquarium

Cailin Rose – Waitin’

Mazes – Bodies

The Men – Bird Song

Phosphorescent – Song for Zula

PVT – Casual Success

Rhye – Open

Rhye – The Fall

The Strokes – All the Time

Toy Love – Bride of Frankenstein

Wavves – Demon to Lean On

Wavves – Hippies is Punks


“Yeezy” – Great Dane

GREETINGS FROM THE BEAT.  The shit hits like a sucker punch to a stomach that’s full of cough syrup and codeine.  Maybe my favorite beat all year.  On an unrelated note, does anyone have any cough syrup and/or codeine?  It’s for my aunt.

“Awkward” – Tyler, the Creator

Well, here it is. I always wondered what it would sound like if Slug from Atmosphere had grown up in Queens and also was a black man.  Aside from A$AP, Tyler’s use of the detuned vocal effect is unmatched in hip-hop and it shows here.  Slow drawl meets bloody-hearted adolescence; a product of a youthful master entering the prime of his career.


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