Beach House : “Wishes” Video — Directed by Eric Wareheim

Alright kids, stop what you’re doing.  Today a bit of media dropped that so deftly enriches the cultural fabric that is 2013, that I’m imploring you to reserve five minutes and take it in.  I’ve always considered the music video to be the riskiest of endeavors, because you’re manipulating a cognition that’s associated with a song for any given listener.  Thankfully, this last Beach House album did almost nothing for me, so my mental slate was generally clean.  

(Honestly, the song is fine.  I thought Bloom as a whole didn’t build much on the promise of their earlier records.  Groundbreaking analysis, right?)

Enter Eric Warheim, who is a bit of an expert in manipulating cognition.  Here’s what he had to say about “Wishes”:

“Beach House, Ray Wise, fireworks, and horses. How can I go wrong? This is the first project that I’ve ever collaborated creatively with the band. Victoria’s imagery inspired me to create this special half time show. It also helps that Beach House is literally on my top 5 list of bands, ever.”

Wow.  In keeping with the general theme….

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One thought on “Beach House : “Wishes” Video — Directed by Eric Wareheim

  1. Zack N. says:

    I’m so confused

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