Natty’s Top 5 or 6 Favorite Producers, Right Now

“I fucking love drums and I fucking love drumbeats.”-” John Phillip Sousa


As a white dude with a beard and internet access, I know I’m supposed to really love high-brow rock music.  But in reality, I just really, really, really like beats.  Like dope beats.  Super dope beats.  Even somewhat dope beats get a significant number of plays in the Natty household. Basically as long as a particular beat has a dopeness rating greater than zero, I will most likely be listening to it.  And perhaps at a certain time in history it would have been vaguely laughable for a white bro to love “black music,” (as racist fucking people call hip-hop), but for now it’s not a matter of white or black.  It’s a matter of dope or not dope.

So I’ve compiled a short list of 5 or 6 of my favorite producers, right now.  NOTE: This doesn’t reflect my own list of favorite producers of all time; You won’t find Four Tet, or J Dilla or even Flying Lotus on here.  Not because I don’t LOVE Flying Lotus, but because this list is about the lesser-knowns.  Not Flying Lotus.  Sorry, Flying Lotus.  I love Flying Lotus.

1. Bauuer


This is the first picture I’ve ever seen of Bauuer. My first thoughts are, ” There is no fucking way that is what Bauuer looks like.”  This is because everyone who listens to his music  knows Bauuer is a gigantic black dude who loves 808s and HATES white people.  The trap music genre is – much like its frat boy cousin Dubstep – one that’s full of uninspired potholes and Paint by Numbers producers, but Bauuer takes it to new, unexpected depths.  When I first hear his remix of Flosstradamus’ “Roll Up,” I spent the better part of an afternoon replaying it in my underpants and a flat brim screaming, “TRAP BOI! TRAP BOI! RUN THE TRAP, BOI!” And I don’t even fucking know what that means.  But I do know I was very aroused.

2. Zodiac 

As former half of the Weeknd, Zodiac (aka Jeremy Rose) has essentially engineered his own niche in music, making what he calls “dark R&B.”  Although it’s quickly becoming a genre unto itself, Rose keeps my attention thanks to his subtle glitch sound and cinematic compositions. And the kick drum.  Oh, that kick drum.  I dream about that kick drum.


3. K L S H

Like Zodiac, KLSH is another producer I discovered thanks to a fascinating short documentary on so-called alternative R&B (or PBR&B, which was definitely LOL worthy when I heard it).  Unfortunately I can’t seem to track down the song featured in the documentary, an incredible remix of the Aaliyah song, “Four Page Letter.”  I’ll try to describe it to you.  It was like…way dope.  RIP AALIYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, peep dude’s bandcamp.  Uber-lush arrangements and off-kilter drum patterns equal Natty slow-dancing by himself in his basement all night.  And Natty gets real hands-y with it.

4. Hot Sugar

The below video isn’t really a song, but a video capture of Nick Koenig’s strange, albeit fascinating process in recording what he calls Associative Music.  Basically that means he just records sounds in the world around him, runs it through a bunch of hardware and oscillators and out comes music so fly that it should be illegal for white bros to make.  Also, his Tumblr is astonishingly funny. 

Also he’s dating Kitty Pryde, a Boner Giver of the Year darkhorse candidate for 2013 (she makes good music stuff, too).

5. xxYxx

Every time this video comes up on my shuffle, I’m like, “Oh shit, that high-concept indie porn is playing in front of all these people.  Oh wait, nevermind, it’s just xxYxx.”  This song and video embody the word “sultry,” which is a classy way of saying, “classy boner.”  The pacing of this song is just brilliant, and that vocal sample (is that french? is that someone talking backwards?) is as captivating as it is disconcerting.  And for some reason, when that dynamic change hits and all the girls are wearing animal masks and smoking blunts, I’m all like, “THIS IS ART.  I LOVE ART.”

(Note: to YouTube user “diamondbratz”:  Great job on your comment, “Try fucking to this song and hearing your girls breath to the beat ” Clap, clap, clap.)

6. Flying Lotus

Yeah, that’s right. I just straight up lied TO YOUR FACE and there isn’t shit you can do.  You know why?  Because you already read this whole article.

The End

But seriously.  Flying Lotus.  I mean come on, guys.

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