Remembering Fall Out Boy lyrics as MySpace names and who had ’em


remember myspace? it was so you, wasn’t it? that’s cause you could customize everything, it wasn’t stagnant and boring blue like facebook. like, you could have your top 8 for everyone to see; you could totally deck out your background HTML if you just wanna google it. it’s, like, so easy. plus, you could put a solid tune on there too: something like fall out boy. actually, an even better place for the chi-town boiz was in your name, where you could use their resonant lyrics to convey who you were in a unique way that was still popular enough that everyone got you. here are some def classics.

“’cause that’s just who i am this week” from sugar, we’re going down – crazy person, maybe a little bratty, confident in Who They Are.

“isn’t it messed up, how i’m just dying to be him?” from sugar, we’re going down – actually kinda-creepy dudes

“the best part of believe is the ‘lie'” from sophomore slump or comeback of the year – the scorned girl, her boyfriend made out with another girl so much at the movies his glasses steamed up

“i set my clocks early cause i know i’m always late” from a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me – myspace bio: “i’m just a guy who’s always a little behind… just waiting for a chance to prove myself”

“i’ll be your best-kept secret and your biggest mistake” from nobody puts baby in the corner – the girl who’s not as bad as she thinks she is but maybe would be if you put on fall out boy.

wow, how fun. add your own!

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