Grizzly Bear : “Gun-Shy” Lindstrøm Remix

To call this a remix seems a little backwards, because Lindstrøm’s not borrowing much here.   Whereas “Gun Shy” from 2012’s  Shields was a delicate and measured reflection of a relationship amiss, this is more like Ed Droste in 1994 sitting in the corner quietly until his mom’s aerobics class ends.  There’s not much cool about Lindstrøm.  You’ll never see this music being reproduced from anywhere but behind a laptop, and the samples that he does choose don’t exactly sound discriminate.  But if there were ever a man who could give a fuck about all of that, it’s Peter-Hans Lindstrøm.  The guy did a 45 minute “Little Drummer Boy” remix.  Not a joke.  There’s no denying the arrangement, though.  Each time that transitional synth hook hits (ie: 2:25) I feel like I’m leveling up in Combat Cars for Sega Genesis.  Except that would be impossible because I’m doing ridiculous disco moves in the mirror while staring into my own eyes.  This is still 1994 by the way – I don’t do those sorts of things now.

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3 thoughts on “Grizzly Bear : “Gun-Shy” Lindstrøm Remix

  1. dwew gweaves says:

    4 MONTHS OF WORK DOWN THE DRAIN *drags little drummer boy remix into trash*

  2. […] You Remember. That extra cheesy disco track that barely had any element of the original track?  You asshole, I did a whole unnecessary write-up about it! […]

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