This is not Lil B’s year to get on the Grammys :(


It was supposed to be a crowning moment for positivity, a #rare opportunity to spread the #based gospel on national television. Yes, Lil B’s potential Grammy performance seemed too good to be true, yet there he was, climbing to 2nd place in his region behind the apparent strength of the Lil B Task Force. The Based God seemed on his way to transcending the novel Gig of a Lifetime contest and taking his place along Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Deadmau5 in the canon of timeless Grammy performances.

But the Task Force was not able to protect Lil B from 4Chan, and those OG cyber bullies turned out to be partially responsible for his ascendance on the list. For some reason 4Chan’s votes weren’t good enough for the Grammys and Lil B was apparently eliminated from the ballot. Normally this would spark and outrage/digital revolt with defamatory Tweets and pouty blog posts, but Lil B hates hate and it was really an extremely #rare opportunity.  So 4Chan plz pick Chevelle to ironically get on the show next time, and Grammys you stay hating on good shit without even knowing it and Protect Lil B At All Costs. #based4life

-Adam Lukach

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One thought on “This is not Lil B’s year to get on the Grammys :(

  1. What's In A Name? says:

    You fucking moron, 4chong was trying to get him to go to the Grammy’s

    Jesus fuck go away

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