NEW Justin Timberlake: Suit & Tie (Feat. Jay-Z)

Just a quick recap: On January 9th, JT tweeted this:

JT playing headgames

And as planned, so began the speculation life cycle.  We read everything from the truth (new single with Jay-Z and Timbaland) to the modified truth (with Beyonce), to the huh? (20 track album!).  When Thursday came, we got a YouTube video….and a countdown.

Thanx bro.

The countdown ended Sunday, the 13th at Midnight.  You’d think with these times (5:03AM, 9:01AM, Midnight PST…) that the lovable Timberlake was pushing the envelope on vanity a bit here.  When the witching hour struck I was expecting a riddle or something, but fuck me, we got a new track!  An album announcement too, with a scheduled drop of…sometime this year?(THANX BRO)

Because fuck congruence.

Stream the “Suit & Tie” on Justin Timberlake’s website here

Timbaland insists on leading this track off with a chopped and screwed sounding section that feels uncomfortable for JT, especially for his first new solo material in 6 years.  It’s interesting in it’s own right, but while my girlfriend and I simultaneously listened to it on our separate headphones, we gave each other “This is it?” glances for the first :45.  From there the beat drops and we hear “Wait a minute, you ready JT?”  As if you needed to ask.  I’m wondering if they edited out the part where he responds “Yes, lets do this shit already.”  What follows is a shimmering disco beat that feels as dapper as those Heineken commercials.   The track gets the purp injection again for Jay-Z’s verse, which is troubling because Jay could have handled the same terrain as JT.  At the end of the day, it’s clunky, but there’s definitely something worth taking to the bank.  And besides, 19 more tracks coming, right?

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One thought on “NEW Justin Timberlake: Suit & Tie (Feat. Jay-Z)

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